Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 100 - Vegan Watch has been 100 days since becoming a vegan.  Again...for health reasons, though a respect the other ethical reasons that some may also pursue this dietary lifestyle.

So far so good...though I do see rougher seas ahead.  While it hasn't been as hard as I though to become any lifestyle, I do have my challenges seeing how to truly maintain it for the long haul.

And like maintaining a lifestyle, it may mean putting in some harder work.  Learning some new tricks and developing some new tastes to keep things exciting.  No different than any other lifestyle.  There is the honeymoon period where it is all new and exciting, followed by the getting comfortable into a routine, to be followed

So...that'll be the thing to avoid.  And that takes can't get better and better by doing nothing...just doesn't work that way.